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Arts & Sports for Students

Lourde Institute of Paramedical Sciences provides a great platform for all students to unleash their artistic talents by encouraging active participation in all cultural activities.


It is an innovative programme to develop an ecological conscience among students which mainly aims to know and feel the green of nature and make others aware about the importance of the essentialities of protecting the nature. Students are making a voluntary contribution of a sapling on their birthday which is planted and look after by the pachappu crew members on a daily basis inside and outside the campus.

Fitness Programme

The following physical fitness activities are carried out in the campus.

  • All batches of students are rotated in weekly timetable with play activities in the college ground.
  • Warming up, aerobic exercise, throw ball and shuttle games are carried among boys and girls students.
  • Management has sponsored Zumba and Karate for all voluntarily students with free of cost.