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Course Introduction

Vocational or skill-based education is becoming more and more significant with passing time. BVoc (Bachelor of Vocation) is an emerging course in India that aims at providing adequate skills required for a particular trade to candidates. The course is different from traditional academic programs as it deals more with application-based studies rather than focusing on only theoretical knowledge.

BVoc is a three-year duration undergraduate course that can be pursued in a wide range of fields starting from healthcare. One of the biggest advantages of pursuing BVoc against common degree courses is that a candidate has multiple exit points during the program and continued industry exposure.

This means that if a candidate is unable to complete his/ her BVoc course, s/he is still awarded a diploma after successful completion of first year or advanced diploma after successful completion of second year. Apart from this, the work experience candidates gain during the course increases their chances of getting a job.

Syllabus of the Course

Internal & University examinations

The Assessment of Students would be done in written, oral and practical examination.

Internal Examinations: Calculation of internal marks shall be based on the ongoing and continuous assessment. Minimum three written examinations distributed throughout the semester for each subject should be conducted. Average of best two examinations can be considered for the calculation of internal marks. Marks of evaluation by other methods like assignments, seminars, projects etc. can be added to the internal marks. The final internal marks shall be signed by the candidate before and after transmission to the University.

University Examinations: Semester wise Examination

Employment Opportunity

After a B.Voc. course, you won’t be a fresher like other graduates. You will have on-the-job experience unlike graduate freshers in the industry. When everybody else will be applying for internships, you might be looking for traineeships or probationer positions in the industry.